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YaCari Consultants, LLC (wholly woman-owned business enterprise) is a registered municipal advisory firm with combined experience of over 40 years of public finance related experience in the public and private sectors.  Our extensive experience in public finance encompasses a vast array of municipal clients with a broad range of financing needs, diverse economic bases, revenue streams, and public policy constraints.  As advisors, we bring finance, accounting, legal and transactional experience to our clients.

Our years of experience from both the public and private sectors in the finance industry enables us to have a dual perspective and gives us a distinct advantage.  With this knowledge of the financial market and governmental processes and procedures, we are able to bridge the gap between the public and private sector to find the best solutions.


We understand that each entity is unique and requires individualized financing solutions. As part of our fiduciary relationship with our clients, our goal is to provide custom solutions and long-term strategies while recognizing the entity's need to balance public accountability with achieving financial goals.